Choose Pet Food: Meat 4D Is The Ninth Place In The Meat Class.

What is 4D meat?

Why should you avoid 4D meat?

Isn’t that inexpensive and economical? I suppose, but finally there is a reason why inexpensive is inexpensive.
Then I will explain why it is better not to give.

The meat-4D ” D ” is

Abbreviation for the dead, sick, dying and disabled.
4D meat = this 4D is processed. You can imagine if it is good or bad.
Of course, it is inadmissible for human consumption. Meat 4D is the 9th place in the meat class.
The only row of meat that can be eaten by people is up to 7 rows, which means that you give something that people can not eat. Cute cats and dogs do not have a good body.
If you pass it on, you will lose weight, your hair will lose shine, you will become allergic,
In addition, there is a risk of impairing kidney or liver function. 4D meat should be avoided in order not to cause serious medical problems.

So why are these things used? It’s simple. In fact, it is convenient for food manufacturers and even those who get rid of corpses to reduce costs. In addition, some consume it.

After all, it is inexpensive. Will continue to be done, if there is a request. Unfortunately, not all pet owners have the same awareness of food. There is a temperature difference. But if you want your beloved pet to stay healthy forever, you should not give 4D meat.

Be sure to check the labelling of the raw materials

So how can you avoid 4D meat?

Note that in Japan 4D meat is referred to as meat byproduct, ouealmeal, meat and bone meal, and poultry. 4D meat = meat by-products, EAL flour, meat and bone meal, poultry. Please note that 4D meet is not displayed.
To avoid, 4D meat (meat by-products) when buying food, be sure to check the labelling of food ingredients. In addition, the extremely favorable are likely to use 4D meat. (however, just because the price is low, does not necessarily mean that it is included.) We recommend you, to buy food with the right knowledge.

How was it? Have you understood the perils of 4D meat and why should you avoid it?
Avoid 4D meat to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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